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"Woman, the Pioneer" or "Onward, Alone"

When I was an undergraduate at BYU I worked for the school's Dance Department as a lighting & sound technician. I loved the job.  I followed different dance troupes around on tour, helping with their lighting & sound production.  I mostly worked for them in on-campus theaters.  Doing shows on campus.  But, I followed them around on some tours, too.

One of the shows I went on tour with was Onward, Alone by Caroline Prohosky.  It was a show about women who migrated westward as pioneers without their husbands.  Their husbands had joined the Mormon Battalion and had gone to fight in the Mexican-American war. 

I found this video on YouTube that seems to be an earlier production of the dance that was made for television.  Back when it was called, Woman, the Pioneer.  I went on tour with the production in early 2008.  YouTube says this video is from 1997. 

I found some pictures on the internet of the 2008 production.  Here is one.  And, here is anotherHere is a picture of the dancers practicing -- it looks like.

It looks like Caroline turned the theater production into a book, too.   It actually looks like -- according to this Goodreads review by Becky -- the book comes with a DVD of the 2008 production. So, from a film in 1997, to a live performance 11 years later, then turned back into a film, and then to a book 5 years after that.  It seems to have been a passion project for her.

It makes me wonder if, like C.C.A. Christensen, in 60 years, one of Caroline's relatives will be working on a project, and someone will be looking for a good dance piece and, Caroline's relative will say, "You know.  Back home there is an old DVD I have of a piece that my ancestor, Caroline, directed that might fit well."  And, then, you know, Caroline's dance is famous.