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My Favorite Passage from the Bible Dictionary

Mormons use the KJV of the Bible.

If you buy a Mormon-issued version of the KJV it comes with a Bible Dictionary attached to the end of it.  It's a study aid. 

The entry for King David says:

The long and varied discipline through which he passed in the earlier part of his life fitted him for the duties of the throne.  As shepherd he acquired the habit of deep reflection; as courtier he was trained in self-control and chivalrous generosity; as outlaw he acquired knowledge of men and power of government; while each successive phase of experience developed that conscious dependence upon God which was the secret of his strength throughout his life.

It's a great little narrative.  And, it shows how the narrative that King David lived through affected him and made him the man that he ended up being on the throne.  To me it's great, efficient storytelling.

I think you could turn this little passage into different acts of a film.  The Shepherd, the Courtier, the Outlaw, the King.  It would be an interesting character study to see someone grow in each of these situations.  And, take and learn things to form his character.