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Season 1 – Death of the Prophet Joseph Smith

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The Nauvoo Charter

In researching and writing for this podcast on the death of Joseph Smith I read a lot of books, and articles, and things.

One of the books I read sections of was Zion in the Courts by Firmage & Mangrum.  They had a pretty good little section on The Nauvoo charter.

The Nauvoo charter is a large part of Joseph's death.   The Nauvoo charter was a bill that the Illinois Congress passed that allowed the city of Nauvoo to be incorporated -- it allowed Nauvoo to exist as a legal entity.  Nauvoo was the city that Joseph Smith, and a large portion of Latter-day Saints, lived in when Joseph was killed -- and a city of which Joseph was mayor.  It's a city they built when they were refugees.

One of the goal's of Joseph's enemies, during the last 6 months of his life, was to destroy Nauvoo's charter so that the city would lose a lot of the privileges given to it by the state.

As you listen to the podcast we'll talk more about the charter, and more about how they tried to destroy it, and how that figured into their ultimate goal of Joseph's death.