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Season 1 – Death of the Prophet Joseph Smith

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Slaying of a Wolf

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The intro is about 3 minutes long.

In the introduction I quote a guy that lived in Joseph Smith's county about the trial of some of the men who killed Joseph.   About 100 men murdered Joseph -- or 100 men were involved in the attack on him.  Only nine went to court for the crime, and all nine of them were found not guilty. 

Regarding these nine men being found not-guilty, this guy in Hancock County -- the county in which Joseph lived -- said,  “There was not a man on the jury, in the court, [or] in the county, that did not know the defendants had done the murder. But it was not proven.”

Another quote about the generally accepted anger and hatred against Joseph Smith comes from Parley P. Pratt, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the church Joseph founded). 

Parley said:

A few months or years spent in this miniature war in Hancock county had sufficed to possess many of the actors with the spirit of demons; and in the mind of any anti-Mormon there was nothing more criminal in the shooting of Smith than in the slaying of a wolf."

The death of Joseph Smith is the death of a man who his enemies are hunting like a wolf, and his friends are desperately trying to protect.



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