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Out of Liberty at the LDS Film Festival

Yesterday, Wednesday, I put up the new re-recording of the Introduction to the podcast.

Hopefully, within the next week or so all of the episodes will get their new recordings posted. I’d like to do one episode re-recording a night. But, that seems like it might be a tall order.

The movie I worked on last year, instead of doing a 2nd and 3rd season of the podcast, is coming out this year. The director, Garrett Batty, is going to be speaking about it at the LDS Film Festival coming up in Orem next weekend. The movie is called Out of Liberty. I guess I can say that, since it’s listed in the LDS Film Festival Schedule. Garrett is keeping a pretty tight lid on the whole thing. And, as such, so am I.

I’m excited to go to the film festival this year. I’ve lived in Utah for 4 1/2 years now, and this will be the 3rd LDS Film Festival I’ve been to since moving up. I always enjoy going and seeing what is happening in the industry. I especially enjoy the “Current State of LDS Cinema” panels they usually have.

It’s interesting to see what they think is important, or what they think is happening, versus what I think is important, and what I and other 'non-industry’ people thinks is happening. Most of the conversations, I feel, usually tend to devolve into what is not happening — why stories aren’t good, why movies aren’t good, what needs to happen to fix it.

This year I’m planning on dropping the kids off at the in-laws and going to that Friday morning discussion. I guess this year, though, instead of going as an outsider looking in I’ll be there as a nascent-insider looking around. I say “nascent-insider” very hesitantly. Since, a lot of these guys know each other. Go back decades, and are pretty good buddies it seems like. All working on/around each others films.

As a writer who doesn’t even have his first movie in the theaters, or for digital download, yet — I feel like I probably won’t be an actual ‘nascent-insider’ until the film festival next year, in 2020.

I’m looking forward to going to the Jane and Emma Q&A. That movie had some really interesting ideas in it. Some really interesting themes and directions. I think about that movie a lot since I saw it in theaters last year.